The Vega. Fine Protective Antibacterial (ATB-UV+) Unisex Gloves. Coral

FAKBYFAK  The Vega. Fine Protective Antibacterial (ATB-UV+) Unisex Gloves. Coral Code: FBF-41101-04 FAKBYFAK  The Vega. Fine Protective Antibacterial (ATB-UV+) Unisex Gloves. Coral Code: FBF-41101-04 FAKBYFAK  The Vega. Fine Protective Antibacterial (ATB-UV+) Unisex Gloves. Coral Code: FBF-41101-04 FAKBYFAK  The Vega. Fine Protective Antibacterial (ATB-UV+) Unisex Gloves. Coral Code: FBF-41101-04
The Vega. Fine Protective Antibacterial (ATB-UV+) Unisex Gloves. Coral

The Vega. Fine Protective Antibacterial (ATB-UV+) Unisex Gloves. Coral


The Vega gloves is a versatile, convenient and elegant item that protects one's hands and looks appropriate for both indoor and outdoor. The gloves are made from a high tech, silver ion, antibacterial fabric and are designed to become an indispensable item in any person’s wardrobe. The fabric weaving structure is moisture-wicking and ensures a high level of air circulation. The gloves "breathe", and your hands do not get wet. The Vega gloves are designed specifically for daily use, whether during adverse seasonal or epidemiological conditions, for sports or everyday wear.

The glove's fabric technology allows you to use your smartphone or any other touchscreen devices without having to remove gloves. Read more about admiring features in Product Description and Product Details.

Size Guideline
Stretchable fit available in 3 sizes.

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Designing The Vega gloves, we aimed to create a comfortable and versatile object that, on the one hand, performs the function of protecting one’s hands, and on the other, looks appropriate in any setting: on public transport, at a cinema, at a show, in a shopping mall, at an office etc. An item that will look nice with various types of clothes, ensuring hygiene and not causing any discomfort.

Having improved the cut and the size range, we developed a perfect fit, versatile gloves from a supreme fabric that contains silver ions and is pleasant to the touch.

The Vega gloves may be worn daily. The qualities of the fabric will be maintained even with frequent washing.

The bacteriostatic & anti-microbial properties of the used fabric are confirmed by a certificate from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a certificate from the Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council (SEK).

Please understand that this product is not a replacement for medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment. Please continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands and refrain from touching your face.

product details

Key Features

Patented ATB-UV+ (antibacterial-ultraviolet) silver-ion nanotechnology fabric tested to reduce bacteria up to 99% (will actually kill the microbes that land on the gloves fabric). ATB-UV+ is the future generation of anti-bacterial fibres.

  • ATB-UV+ prevents micro-organism multiplication and prevents odor.
  • Keeps consistent temperature to keep cool during summer.
  • Dries moisture faster with advanced fabric technology.
  • Protects your skin from UV-B(290-320nm) and UV-A(320-400nm).

  • Excellent Anti-bacterial & Anti-microbial Functions
  • Eco Colour Technology
  • UV Protection
  • Strength and Durability
  • Color Retention
  • Rapid Absorption & Evaporation
  • Feels Cool and Dry
  • Enhanced Breathability
  • Long-Lasting Softness
  • Prevents Odour
  • Touchscreen-Friendly
Brand SKU FBF-41101-04
Google Product Category 170
Materials Single Jersey, Hi-Tech Polyester (88%) & Polyurethane (12%) with silver ions, ATB-UV+, Antibacterial, Quick Absorption, Quick Drying, UV Protection
Care Instructions
  • Wash in a laundry bag on gentle or delicate cycle
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach or treat with chlorine
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
Source of Materials Austria, South Korea, Russian Federation

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