FAKBYFAK™ is a multicultural fashion brand that combines innovative design and advanced technology. The cultural references and the avant-garde research are the basis of their concept, thanks to the elaboration with pop sophistication of elegant artistic quotes and anecdotes full of romantic charm.

Fashion label FAKBYFAK™ was founded in 2016. The founders had no experience in the fashion industry before, but their naive approach to the eyewear and fashion industries turned out to be their biggest strength and fortune.

FAKBYFAK™ was included by the Italian Fashion Council and Vogue Talents in the list of TOP 100 best-emerging brands in 2018. The brand develops eyewear collections for avant-garde Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck and cooperates with talents who cultivate non-mainstream ideas, having the sense of exposed nerve.

The brand is now recognized in the optical industry as the principal trend of the last decade. The approach to the creation of the collections, brand’s potential and ideas are compared to the revolutionary Alain Mikli, and the product itself is associated with the products of world-leading brands.

FAKBYFAK™ is the amusing slandering of ridiculous collaborations’ branding just for a namesake. The founders entirely share the idea that an incredible story realized in the product, and the vibe around it, should always be the forefront of a company, before overindulged branding or marketing tricks. Guys have a strong, extraordinary, vital and fundamental desire to keep breaking the cliches, stereotypes and borders that rule the world in general and the current fashion industry specifically.

FAKBYFAK transcends beyond trends and acts as a truly unique artistic design visionary. The label represents vivid visual stories, creates new aesthetic codes and meanings — everything that makes the product distinctive and establishes a relationship with the owner.

It’s important for us to create objects that excite the imagination. Items that naturally generate chains of associations or internal relations between person and material world around.

FAKBYFAK™ design’ interplays with the classics, yet it sets a new direction. Based on traditional forms, it allows them to shapeshift influenced by the forthcoming imagery, and live their own, new life. At the same time, when speaking of classic, it is worth noting that FAKBYFAKS’s ideas carry no time reference, we grab visual ideas from different eras and creates images that did not exist before.

For their owners, FAKBYFAK™ sunglasses became an insignia, an identification code by which it’s easy to spot «your own» — wherever you are and whatever you wear. It is kind of a mask that hides. It attracts attention, intrigues, and establishes new ties between their owner and the surrounding.

FAKBYFAK™ and FAKOSHIMA™ and their logos are registered trademarks of LOVBYLOV Group OÜ.